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Partnership is walking with Christians, businesses and people of other faiths from around the world to enhance the life, faith and witness of our church.  There are a variety of ways in which you can share your faith and experience with our partners.

AFCM was founded by Jim Kaseman for the purpose of promoting fellowship among ministers to share their experience, strength, and knowledge around the Word of God. AFCM also focuses on making the "faith message" available to people in areas which have been isolated from the Truth.

Good Search turns ordinary web searching into a charitable donation

LDC (Life Development Corporation) provides a quality home ownership, employment training, health and outreach program to empower the community and provide an aggressive, targeted outreach and marketing campaign.

The NEW Vehicle Donation Program is a free, convenient service for converting that extra car, truck, or RV into a donation for River of Life Christian Fellowship. Call 510-869-5239 for more information.

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